Sending Files

Transmission Options

Files up to 9 mb can be sent as email attachments to your Account Executive. See our CONTACT US page if you do not already have their email address.

Larger files up to 1 gigabyte can be sent using our customer FTP site, or sent to us on a disk.

We are also happy to download files from your FTP site.

File Types and Formats

Our preferred format is either an Adobe Illustrator .eps file, with the text converted to outlines, or a CorelDraw! file. However, we can work with most other file types. Some file types are more suitable for certain types of production than others.

Here is a chart showing several of the major file types we can use and the applications for which they are suitable.


If you do not see a familiar file type on the chart, or if you are unsure whether the file type you have will work or not, please call us at 703-802-1466 and ask for the art department.

Specifying colors

Colors should be specified as either CMYK or Pantone Coated Solid. Specifying colors using RGB or other color books may not yield the desired color.

If your job requires a specific color match, please include the specific color when sending your files.

Raster File Resolution

Raster images submitted for printing should generally have a minimum resolution of 72 ppi (pixels per inch) at the final, full size of the printed product.  If you have any doubts about the suitability of an image you wish to use on your sign or visual, again, please call us at 703-802-1466 and ask for the Art Department.