If our customers aren’t successful, we’re not successful. We achieve our mission by first learning what our customers want to accomplish, then we bring our experience, skills, and expertise to bear to help ensure that their communications goals are achieved.



In our early days, thieves broke in and took everything we had: all our equipment, our computers, our tools - pretty much everything that wasn’t nailed down. One of our competitors turned their shop over to us during their night hours so that we could stay in business until we sorted things out. Rugged individualism works in the movies, but in real life, people and businesses need each other. Kindness, good will, and supporting other people in their passions and commitments makes the world work so we try to do our part to help make our community better.


If everybody kept their word, what a difference it would make. Everyone would be better off in almost every way. We conduct ourselves so that we deserve the trust that is placed in us and not just when it’s easy or convenient. You can take our promises to the bank.


People matter whether they’re customers, employees, vendors, or competitors. Everyone sleeps better knowing that loyal people are there for them whether times are good or bad. Our business is based on loyalty to our customers’ goals and to our employees’ well-being.


Our best vendors act more like partners than people who are simply selling to us. Likewise, we bring a spirit of partnership to our customers. We may not be down the hall from our customers, but we sure try to act like we are.


Landfills are full of so-called quality products. As everyone knows, it is a whole lot easier to talk about quality than it is to deliver it. For us, quality means investing in processes, people, and equipment that benefit our customers. That means state-of-the-art technology and used office furniture. It means skimpy expense accounts so we can afford to train our people so they have the skills to get the best results from world-class tools.


We are a people-centered organization. That’s why you’ll never hear an automated attendant answer our phones tell you to press 1 for a staff directory. That’s why, when you order products from us we send somebody out to survey your location. We think it’s unreasonable to expect you to know what will work best for you. Going the extra mile won’t matter if an extra mile and a half is required. We try to make sure you don’t accidentally make a mistake that our experience might have stopped. Service is more than being friendly and efficient. We define service as making our customers look good to their customers, to their competitors, and to their community.