Vinyl is a high performance material made of ethenyl that come in a variety of densities. Vinyl is flexible, highly durable, and lightweight, offering an exceptional value for 2-dimensional, high-gloss, color communications. View thru vinyl is also available at competative pricing.

Suggested use: Short-term up to extended long-term outdoor communications such as architectural, transportation and general communications, vehicle/fleet wraps, murals, and window graphics.



Banners are made of lightweight vinyl or mesh materials, all heat seamed with grommets. Mesh banners enable wind to blow through them. We create any size and shape for you. Some of our largest banners have been visible by the NASA Space Shuttle. Banners can also be reusable and easy to store.

Suggested use: Interior or outdoor real estate signs, short-term promotions, events, exhibits, and kiosks communications. Museum, performing arts, and municipal brand communications.


Coroplast® is an opaque, lightweight, resin-coated, twin-walled corrugated plastic. Coroplast® is made with polypropylene copolymers which makes recycling possible.

Suggested use: Directional, and event communications.



Foam is an economical choice for temporary products such as signs, models, point-of-purchase, and presentations. We finish sign foan with waterproofing paint to ensure exterior durability.

ULTRABOARD® is a heavy-duty, rigid, all-plastic foam board with a thin polystyrene surface and interior foam. This is a cost-effective alternative to polystyrene, which provides a hard, plastic center. The product is 100% recyclable.

Suggested use: Interior, flat-surface communications, photo mounting and art, digital graphics, exhibits, and in-store décor and posters. Trade shows and seminar communications.

SIGNFOAM® is a high-density, waterproof polyurethane board that can be shaped and routed into any 3-dimensional shape. This is a cost-effective and lightweight alternative to plywood.

Suggested use: Permanent outdoor solution such as monument, store displays, trade show, and seminar communications.



Polystyrene is a low-cost, tough vinyl polymer thermoplastic. It comes in a variety of thicknesses. The thinner, flexible product is flexible can be routed or shaped to your specifications. A thicker product is rigid and resisting dents and cracking. Polystyrene is an inexpensive substitute for paper, wood, and metals. Not recommended for outdoor use.

Suggested use: Interior communications such as advertising graphics, exhibits, kiosks, point-of-purchase, and displays. The thinner substance is perfect for rolled trade show exhibits.



Melinex® (PET) is a high clarity, durable, coated polyester film made by Dupont that comes in a variety of thicknesses. Melinex® resists heat, chemicals, and tearing.

Suggested use: Retractable banner displays and backlit communications.



PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is polymerized vinyl chloride. The product can be shaped and routed into any 3-dimensional shape. Once in its rigid form, PVC is strong, difficult to burn, non-corroding, and resistant to chemicals and solvents.

The major disadvantages of PVC are poor weatherability, relatively low-impact strength and heat-distortion point. The product is easily scratched or marred.

KOMACEL®/KOMATEX® are flexible, lightweight, and weatherproof PVC sheets with a free foam rigid finish.

Suggested use: Interior routed dimensional logos and custom communications.

SINTRA® is a lightweight, rigid board of expanded closed-cell PVC, made into a sheet with a low-gloss matte finish.

Suggested use: Medium-term internal and external communications, POP displays, exhibits, and kiosks.



Lexan®is a glass-transparent, highly-durable, lightweight polycarbonate plastic that is easily formed and molded to any shape. Lexan® becomes rigid after processing, withstanding high impact and weight. Its thermal expansion and contraction is significantly below that of acrylic or butyrate and is much stronger than glass.

We eliminate air bubbles and peeling edges by printing directly to surfaces.

Suggested use: Interior and outdoor displays, signs, and architectural glazing. Not good for movable products because it will scratch. Add routed letters to the front panel to create a 3-dimensional look.


M.D.O. Plywood

M.D.O. Plywood (Medium Density Overlay Plywood) is a weather-resistant resin overlay bonded to the wood by heat and pressure. The surface is smooth and opaque. Paint finishes on MDO are up to 3 times more durable than the same finish applied to ordinary plywood.

Suggested use: Outdoor painted or printed site solution and billboards, the workhorse of the sign industry.



DIBOND® is a highly durable, rigid, lightweight solid polyethylene core product with aluminum facing on each side. The product is easy to shape and fabricate into 3-dimensional shapes. This material is about ½ the weight of aluminum. Dibond® will not crack, chip, flake, or peel even under harsh weather conditions. 

Suggested use: Outdoor communications such as site and road signs, architectural creations, billboards, and exhibits. Dibond® weathers better than M.D.O. Plywood. 


ALUMALITE® is a lightweight, corrugated plastic with aluminum on both sides to provide rigidity and durability. It will not swell or corrode from the inside, which makes it a perfect choice for outdoor applications. 

Suggested use: Outdoor communications such as site and road signs, architectural creations, billboards, and exhibits. Interior communications such as POP displays, exhibits, and kiosks. Alumalite® weathers better than MDO Plywood. Cost-effective choice to Dibond®.

ALUMINUM is a lightweight metal that is our most durable outdoor material. It resists weathering and rust and comes in many thicknesses to meet your needs. 

Suggested use: Outdoor communications such as real estate, construction, traffic, directional, commercial building fascia, and architectural communications.